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No More Roots

Blocked drains usually cause a lot of havoc within your plumbing system and this goes on to create huge issues that are capable of either breaking up or destroying your pipes. Roots are usually one of the main causes of blocked drains Auckland and you first need to understand how they get in so as to know how to handle the issue in future. Roots normally get into the pipes through any cracks that may be evident and this is because they usually travel hundreds of feet underground in search of water and nutrients. Since the cracks are usually small, they initially enter the pipe as small roots but as they get more of the nutrients they require in the sewer, they then continue to grow. With time, you get to see that they have thrived in the sewer system with no sign of stopping after which a number of things may occur.

·         Old clay pipes in older homes usually break due to the pressure exerted by the growing roots.

·         Since metal pipes are known to provide resistance, they are usually difficult to break. The roots tend to keep growing in the pipes until it finally collapses due to the damage inflicted.

Drain unblockers Auckland are usually aware of the common problems associated with blocked drains and in the event that you are experiencing issues with your drainage system, the best people to call are them. This is because drain unblocking Auckland is not an easy task and when you hire people who are not experts at this kind of job, they may end up destroying your whole plumbing system, which might eventually require you to replace.

Several ways are usually used so as to fix the root problem in your drainage system. They include;

1.       Trenchless repair method-this is also known as the Cured-In-Place-Piping (CIPP) or lateral lining and this method is usually considered as the most effective one when it comes to dealing with the root problem. This is because the process starts by inspecting the damaged pipe after which the pipe-liner material gets to be measured and cut exactly to the size of the original damaged one. Once this is done, the epoxy resin is then poured into the liner then inserted into the pipe using the air pressure inversion process which turns the pipe-liner inside out. This causes the resin to bond with the existing pipe and after three hours of dry time, the pipe is then ready to be used again.

2.       Hydro Jetting is another way that is also used to clean pipes and with this, the process involves cleaning out all the tree roots, grease and everyday debris that usually find their way into the pipe. This is by using a heavy-duty power nozzle operating at 4,000 psi which releases high speed and pressure water that goes on to remove all blockages, eventually leaving your pipes clear and as good as new. It is considered a great preventative measure for blockages that may occur in your piping which is why you should schedule regular routine hydro jetting maintenance.

3.       A ‘no more roots’ foaming chemical- an aquatic herbicide designed to kill roots upon contact and does not harm your pipes.

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