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Blocked Toilets

What Caused Your Blocked Toilet?

A blocked toilet can be unpleasant so it’s important to know what can cause the toilet to block, so you can stay clear from blockages in the future.

These are a few obvious signs to look for:

  • If it takes times for the water to go down in your toilet.
  • If the toilet bowl fills up and stays full.

These symptoms usually indicate that there is a partial or complete blockage. The most common blockage within a toilet is caused by the main item you usually put down your toilet – toilet paper. Too much toilet paper being used at one time can easily cause a blockage.  

There are many kinds of heavy tissue related products in our supermarkets today and most of these products dissolve at rates slower than standard toilet tissue/paper. These products are not only a huge problem for the household drain systems but also for the main sewer network with both being affected by long term build up of waste. 

The use of the toilet for anything other than what it is meant for can also contribute to blocked toilets. For example, menstrual pads/tampons or sanitary napkins, toys, toilet ducts and other foreign object have been known to cause a blocked or clogged toilet. These products are large in size and will not dissolve at all, thereby clogging up the toilet drains in a very short amount of time. Nappies and baby wipes are items that should not be flushed down toilets, but are in fact another common cause of blocked toilets. Nappies can cause an instant blockage. While baby wipes can take time to cause a block in the toilet, though this does happen fairly quickly.


Can You Unblock Your Toilet Yourself?

If your toilet is only partially blocked, meaning it is “not overflowing”, it may be draining slowly than it actually should be, then you can use toilet plungers as a temporary fix but we advise our customers against the modern myths of clearing their own drains:

  • Specialist chemicals are harmful substances being exposed to your home and environment and can actually only make matters worse
  • Any liquid substances, take note that not all liquids substances stay in liquid form. They become a solid therefore causing a complete blockage to your toilet and eventually your entire line.
  • Soda, some people believe that sodas left sitting overnight can eat through the blockage. Sodas contain phosphoric and citric acids, they aren’t enough to clear a blockage and really pose a great risk in the growth of bacteria and fungi because of the sugar.
  • Protective equipment. Unblocking toilets are a nasty job for anyone, it’s important that you use the correct protective/safety equipment and sanitation to do so. 


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