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Drain Surgeon

When your sink, shower or toilet drain is blocked and using the plunger isn't doing any good, you need a professional drain surgeon who can remove the blockage quickly and efficiently. In fact, you can call such an expert when you dial up the services of Just Drain Unblocking.

At Just Drain Unblocking, we are the best drain unblockers in the greater Auckland area. If you are in need of a drain surgeon, our professional technicians will arrive on your property quickly to ensure that the problem is taken care of as swiftly as possible. Please call 0800 003 495 and talk to our courteous, professional staff that will explain our services, answer your questions and set an appointment time that works best for your needs.

How We Get Rid of Blockages

We use a proven system of identifying and removing blockages so that your drains will flow freely again. Our services include using the latest equipment that will push out the blockage and will not use any chemicals that are harmful to you, your family or pets. In fact, our services offer you a safe, environmentally effective way to getting rid of annoying drain blockages.

Our drain surgeon approach is to identify what is clogging up your drain by using CCTV equipment that will show our trained professional technicians the cause. It usually takes only moments to identify what is wrong when we bring in our equipment to break up the blockage so that it quickly goes down the drain.

In addition, we will clear out the drain so that future blockages are less likely to occur. In fact, did you know that most clogs can be prevented with regular maintenance?

Our Effective Maintenance Services

While you can do quite a bit to help keep your drains clear of blockages, our professional staff can come by on a regular basis to help keep your pipes clean and clear. We will inspect and clear out the drains in your home or office so that potential blockages will have nowhere to stick.

Most blockages happen because the inner walls of the drain become soiled with debris, grease, hair and oil that build up over time. Then, when a large object comes down the drain which would normally pass through, it instead gets stuck in along the walls of the pipe. That’s where our maintenance services will clear out the pipes so a blockage is far less likely to occur.

Plus, our inspection can spot potential damage early on which may be quickly repaired before something major can occur. This means that if the drain pipe is crumbling or there is evidence that tree roots may be finding a way into the pipe, it can be caught and corrected early on instead of waiting which can become an expensive operation even for a trained drain surgeon.

The best drain unblocking service in Auckland is Just Drain Unblocking at 0800 003 495. We are the drain surgeon company that provides the best in efficient services that arrives quickly to take care of your blocked drain. If you are in need of the best drain unblockers in the region, we ask that you give us a call and you’ll find out why more residents and business owners are choosing Just Drain Unblocking. 


Drain unblocking and repairs in Auckland wide, call us today on 0800 003 495!

***Special $55 +GST Drain Unblocking Terms and Conditions: Covers call out, first half hour is at this rate, main  residential sewer drains only, the use of drain rods only, must have easy available access to the drain. This offer does not include machinery, and does not apply to after hours or Sundays prices.

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