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CCTV Drain Inspection

The drains in your home or office slowly clogging up with dirt, debris, hair and other materials that line the walls of the pipes and create the conditions for a blockage to occur. The signs however that something may be wrong with your drains can be subtle, such as the water draining out at a slower pace. However, it does not take long before the build-up creates the conditions for a blockage to occur.

This is where a CCTV drain inspection from a professional drain unblocking Auckland company can identify the source of the potential blockage and provide the treatment needed to clean up your drains. Even if a blockage has occurred, the CCTV system provides valuable information as to the cause which in turn brings about the right solution.

When it comes to scheduling a CCTV drain inspection for your home or office, call the professionals at Just Drain Unblocking at 0800 003 495. They have the right tools, equipment and experience to ensure that your drains are clean and clear.

How CCTV Drain Inspection Process Works

Essentially, the CCTV is a tiny camera that is attached to the end of a device which is inserted into the drain. The technician operating the device looks at a monitor which reveals the inside the drain whether it is blocked or not. In this manner, a proper inspection of the drain pipe can take place to see the cause of the blockage, the debris along the insides of the walls or if there is any intrusion or damage to the drain itself.

While most drains are blocked because of the materials that build up along the walls of the pipe eventually catch a larger object which gets stuck, there are other reasons as well. The roots of nearby trees can find their way inside the drain pipe which will eventually block the flow of water.

By using a CCTV drain inspection, our drain unblocker technician can identify the problem and then exercise the right drain unblocker solution that will result having clean pipes which greatly reduce the chances of clogging from occurring.

How Drains Become Unblocked

After the source of the blockage or slow drain has been identified, the professionals at Just Drain Unblocking use the proper equipment to unblock the drain. Whether the cause is a build-up of debris over time, a large object clogging the pipe or an intrusion into the drain caused by tree roots, you can count on our technicians to get your drains back in working order.

By utilizing our CCTV drain inspection on a regular basis, issues with your drain pipes may be discovered early and solutions implemented so that you may avoid an expensive repair. Regular inspections may reveal early signs of damage, a build-up of unwanted materials or an intrusion from tree roots or other sources which can be dealt with in a timely manner.

Call Just Drain Unblocking today on 0800 003 495 and have our drain unblocking Auckland technicians visit your residence, office or facility to have the drains inspected, and cleaned.


Blocked Shower and Sink Drains

When it comes to getting the best in professional drain unblocking services, you need to call the best drain unblockers Auckland residents have trusted for years. This is especially true if your blocked drains are in the sink or shower. Each of these types of blockages has their own unique sources since they receive different types of materials and debris that flows down the drain itself.

It must be noted that while the types of materials may be different, it still takes the same professional solutions to clear away the blockages so that your drains work normally. Call the professionals to have them come by to clear away your blocked drains or to maintain them to help prevent blockages from occurring.

What Causes Blocked Shower and Sink Drains?

There are a number of causes to why drains from showers and sinks get blocked. By being aware of the signs, you can slow down the progress of the blockage and perhaps even prevent some from occurring.

Showers: The main culprit that blocks shower drains is hair, particularly long hair that gets into the drain pipe and gets stuck along the walls. With the various conditioners and other products that are used in the shower, the walls of the pipes may become sticky enough to cause the hair to snag along the sides which over time will collect and eventually cause a blockage to occur.

Sinks: When it comes to kitchen sinks, the blockage usually starts with a buildup along the walls of the pipes thanks to the debris, grease and oil that goes down the drain. The materials over time that buildup along the walls of the pipes will eventually narrow the drain until some larger bits of debris comes along and gets stuck.

In addition to the internal methods that can stop up a drain, there is also the possibility of tree roots forcing their way in and filling up the main drain from the home.

Call the Drain Unblockers Auckland Residents Trust

When a blockage occurs in the drain, you will need to call the professionals who can clear away the problem quickly and easily. They have the expertise as well as the equipment to clear blocked drains in an environmentally safe manner. 

Once the problem is identified, the drain unblocking will begin by using the right equipment for the job. In many cases, Hydro Jet technology is used to clear away the blockage. The hydro jet is inserted into the drain until it reaches the blockage area, then the jet is turned on which releases the water inside at 3,000 psi. That force is enough to force away the materials from the drain in seconds. Even tree roots are easy cut apart by the hydro jet.

If your home has blocked drains, then you will need to call the best drain unblockers Auckland residents have trusted for years. They have the professional services needed to not only clear away the blockage, but also to maintain your drains to reduce the chances of being blocked again. Call today and take advantage of their professional services. 

Drain Hydro Jetting

If you have blocked drains, then whatever is causing the problem might not be what you think. While most of us will assume that drains are blocked by a sudden collection of debris that gets stuck in the pipe, the truth is that there are more potential causes.

In many cases, the drain itself has been collecting debris, oil or grease for quite some time creating the conditions for blockage. However, it is also possible that tree roots have managed to penetrate the walls of the drain pipe and are now growing inside. In either case, standard chemical products you find at the local store may not be enough to unblock the drains themselves.

To help maintain your drains, call Just Drain Unblocking at 0800 003 495 as we provide the best in unblocking and maintenance service for your drains. We use the latest, environmentally safe technology to ensure that your drains are fully unblocked and free of unnecessary debris.

Hydro Jetting Technology

One of our services at Just Drain Unblocking is the use of hydro jet technology which uses a simple, environmentally safe and powerful method to remove blockages. The hydro jet consists of a flexible pipe that is inserted into the drain and then pushed towards the blockage itself. Once it makes contact, the water is turned on inside the jet to the tune of 3,000 to 4,000 psi. That is more than enough power to clear away the blockage so that your drain pipe returns to normal.

The best part about the hydro jet is that it is quick and powerful without using any chemicals, just pure water to get the job done. This means that hydro jet technology we use is safe for you, your family and pets as it causes no harm to the environment.

Why the Hydro Jet Works for You

There are a number of reasons why using our drain unblocking Auckland services will not only clear the drain, but also maintain them in good working order. We are the drain unblocker professionals that use the proper techniques to ensure that your drains clear which reduces the chances of blocked drains from occurring.

While our hydro jet technology will clear away even the most stubborn clog, we can also serve your home with an annual maintenance visit which will clean out the drains so that any dirt, debris, grease, hair and other particles are not allowed to build up over time.

However, if you should have issues with your drains, you can call us and we’ll be there with professional technicians using the best in drain unblocker equipment to solve the problem quickly and all for a low, competitive price. You can rest assured that if you have blocked drains, our company will be there with the best in hydro jet technology to fix the problem.

When it comes to the best drain unblocking Auckland company that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations, call the professions of Just Drain Unblocking at 0800 003 495 for the best in drain unblocker services. 

Drains Unblocking CCTV Drain Camera

If you find your drain blocked, but cannot find out the reason why, then this is the time, you need a Auckland unblocking drain expert, who can solve the problem very quickly, because of the use of the latest technology of CCTV drain cameras, which is sufficient to find out the root cause of the drainage, and then the action is taken accordingly to solve the exact problem of blocked drains. If you are facing the same problem, then simply contact us, and we will reach your place as soon as we can and will solve the issue quickly. Call Just Drain Unblocking on 0800 003 495!

We are the trusted name in Auckland drainage and Plumbing department area; as  we are equipped with all the necessary equipment that is used while cleaning up the blocked drainage system, including the best and the very convenient equipment, which is CCTV drain cameras, that help us long way to find out the root cause and work out the plan accordingly for unblocking the drains, which is creating problems in your day-to-day life and routine. 

 We carry out professional, friendly, expert services with the help of the expert advice for unblocking the drains. You will find a friendly approach, not only by an expert team, who will be clearing out the mess of the house with the help of the CCTV drain camera, but also the office staff. We are in various sections of drainage system which are, Plumbing Services, leaking taps, leak detection, shower/bath/vanity repairs, low pressure solutions, waste disposal units, water filters, dishwashers, washing machines, burst water pipes, Hot water cylinders. We are also into the maintenance of the drainage system in the Auckland area. 

We have the capability to solve any type of the problem, regardless of being the problem small or big. Surely, it is a messy job to unblock drains, but we take all the precautions, which are supposed to be taken in order to be courteous, clean and respect your property cleanliness as well and we do follow all the sanitary guidelines strictly, so that both of us, don't end up being in any kind of issue. With the use of the latest technology of CCTV drain camera, we never go wrong with the working system, as we detect the root cause of the drain blockage and then make a plan accordingly, in which we are suppose to work to unblock the drain. So if you are facing any kind of the drainage issue, call Just Drain Unblocking on 0800 003 495!


Cleaning Up Your Blocked Drains

You turn your tap on and notice that your water is not draining properly. If this situation happens to you then you are a victim to the blocked drains, which is quite common nowadays. If you do come across such situation where you are facing drain blockage, which is quite frustrating and as well as messy too, then you need to worry about this anymore, because we are drain unblockers, who are experts in unblocking drains in Auckland.  For all your drain unblocking needs call Just Drain Unblocking on 0800 003 495!


 If you have got a blocked drains, then there is no need to freak out, you simply need to give us a call or visit our website that is www.drainsauckland.co.nz. As soon as we get your call, we will be on our way with all our equipments, to help you out with the blocked drains. We will be able to tackle any drainage needs, because of our modern and latest equipment, which will help us, with the blocked drains. We do understand that a blocked drains can truly be disrupting your daily routine, which may make you stressed out as well. But now you simply need to contact us, and get stress-free about any of the blocked drainage issues in your house. 


  We do understand that you have got a busy life, and really don't have time and interest in dealing with a blocked drainage of your house, and once you give come to us for your blocked drains, then we the expert drain unblockers, will solve the problem in less time and then if in future you face the same problems, you will simply remind about us, to clean up the mess and give you a stress free life. This work, is quite messy, and you really don't want to do so; what you need to do is, to give us a call and that is it, you are done with your work and we will start our work of unblocking drains of your house. 


  We are here 24 hours, seven days a week, to solve your problem of blocked drains. We will be able to resolve the issue quickly. Our team of unblocking drains are one of the best team in Auckland, who has got years of experience and as well as they are skilled people in unblocking drains. We use all the latest equipment to help resolve the drainage problems, and we do follow all the sanitary guidelines strictly. So what are you waiting for? If your drains are blocked call Just Drain Unblocking on 0800 003 495 and one of our Auckland drain unblockers can help you!

Maintenance Tips for Regular Drainage Cleaning

Cleaning the drain pipes is not a one-day job. It is a persistent job that needs to be done on a regular basis in order to avoid inconveniences caused due to drainage issues. Drain cleaning Auckland can be done by oneself. Below mentioned are some procedural tips to assist you in drain unblocking. Of course, professional drain unblockers would do a much better task at drain unblocking but indulging in some drain cleaning Auckland is also not that difficult a task. Read carefully…

Weekly Vinegar Treatment

The Vinegar treatment is one of the best do-it-yourself drain unblocking treatments. All you need to do is take a bowlful or correspondingly more vinegar based on the size of your drain pipe. Dispense it in the pipe. Make sure to spread it around the side walls of the pipes too. Let it stay for 30 minutes and then simply let hot water gush in the pipe. This activity if done at least once a week will avoid any build-up in the drainage pipes.

Lemon Treatment

When nothing works, nature works. Squeeze a few lemons and store the juice. It is one of the best drain unblockers. Pour the lemon juice in the pipe and let it sit there for almost one hour. After that let hot water gush and welcome an odorless, stain free drain pipe. Do this treatment at least twice a week and say bye-bye to drain issues forever.

Plunger Time

The plumbing plunger should be used at least once a week. This will help clear out the drain pipes of accumulated debris, dirt and hair with the suction force. Even if it is not blocked at the moment, this regular chore will help in the drain cleaning Auckland.


When nothing works, and the situation of the sink is worse than anyone can imagine then vacuum could be one of the best drain unblockers. This process needs to be done with the help of professional drain unblockers, but you could try it alone as well. Blast a vacuum pipe in the drainage pipe with great care. The debris and obstacles might come out in a jiffy.

These are some drain unblocking treatments that can be of use when the real professionals are not around. Tyr these at home, if in trouble call the plumbing drain unblockers before the situation worsens.

 For all you Drain Unblocker needs call Just Drain Unblocking on 0800 003 495



***Special $55 +GST Drain Unblocking Terms and Conditions: Covers call out, first half hour is at this rate, main  residential sewer drains only, the use of drain rods only, must have easy available access to the drain. This offer does not include machinery, and does not apply to after hours or Sundays prices.

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