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Drain Hydro Jetting

If you have blocked drains, then whatever is causing the problem might not be what you think. While most of us will assume that drains are blocked by a sudden collection of debris that gets stuck in the pipe, the truth is that there are more potential causes.

In many cases, the drain itself has been collecting debris, oil or grease for quite some time creating the conditions for blockage. However, it is also possible that tree roots have managed to penetrate the walls of the drain pipe and are now growing inside. In either case, standard chemical products you find at the local store may not be enough to unblock the drains themselves.

To help maintain your drains, call Just Drain Unblocking at 0800 003 495 as we provide the best in unblocking and maintenance service for your drains. We use the latest, environmentally safe technology to ensure that your drains are fully unblocked and free of unnecessary debris.

Hydro Jetting Technology

One of our services at Just Drain Unblocking is the use of hydro jet technology which uses a simple, environmentally safe and powerful method to remove blockages. The hydro jet consists of a flexible pipe that is inserted into the drain and then pushed towards the blockage itself. Once it makes contact, the water is turned on inside the jet to the tune of 3,000 to 4,000 psi. That is more than enough power to clear away the blockage so that your drain pipe returns to normal.

The best part about the hydro jet is that it is quick and powerful without using any chemicals, just pure water to get the job done. This means that hydro jet technology we use is safe for you, your family and pets as it causes no harm to the environment.

Why the Hydro Jet Works for You

There are a number of reasons why using our drain unblocking Auckland services will not only clear the drain, but also maintain them in good working order. We are the drain unblocker professionals that use the proper techniques to ensure that your drains clear which reduces the chances of blocked drains from occurring.

While our hydro jet technology will clear away even the most stubborn clog, we can also serve your home with an annual maintenance visit which will clean out the drains so that any dirt, debris, grease, hair and other particles are not allowed to build up over time.

However, if you should have issues with your drains, you can call us and we’ll be there with professional technicians using the best in drain unblocker equipment to solve the problem quickly and all for a low, competitive price. You can rest assured that if you have blocked drains, our company will be there with the best in hydro jet technology to fix the problem.

When it comes to the best drain unblocking Auckland company that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations, call the professions of Just Drain Unblocking at 0800 003 495 for the best in drain unblocker services. 

***Special $55 +GST Drain Unblocking Terms and Conditions: Covers call out, first half hour is at this rate, main  residential sewer drains only, the use of drain rods only, must have easy available access to the drain. This offer does not include machinery, and does not apply to after hours or Sundays prices.

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